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In January 2020, GOZA was formed by Moises Zamora (Flutist, Vocalist, Saxophonist, Guitarist) and Sebastian Buitrago Alzate (Guitarist and Bassist) who are based in Tokyo, Japan. Both coming from Latin America share similar views to create Instrumental Music. Having advantages of the knowhow and the knowledges of different  genres of music in the world, GOZA offers unique fusions of their expertises.

 GOZA stands for their names, buitra𝔾𝕆 and ℤ𝔸mora.

Also “GOZA” means to “ Enjoy “ in Spanish. The music must be enjoyed by many listeners.

Music is borderless. 

GOZA's music is the unique fusions of Latin, Jazz, Funk, Rock,indie, reggae and even classic Music which are expertises of both Moises’ and Sebastian’ s. 

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